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Chutney Cocktails

Who knew they could taste this good?!

Dave Brown of The Cotton Thief loves a challenge and he’s already having a go at an Australian version of the Cherry Chutney Cordial cocktail with Currong Comestibles’ Spicy Riberry Chutney.

A good cocktail should be a combination of several elements from sweet, sour, tart and spicy as well as the alcohol.  Bartenders use any number of ingredients to achieve the perfect blend.

Chutneys should be a myriad of flavours rolled into one flavourful relish, combining the sweetness of their fruits with the tartness of vinegar.  A memorable chutney should also have an element of surprise giving customers something more than expected.  Currong Comestibles, award winning Chutneys have all of these elements plus the unusual flavours of indigenous fruits.

Here’s Dave’s first Chutney Cocktail the ‘RCC.

(Riberry Chutney Cocktail)


Initially it tastes ‘different’ and it’s hard to describe why.

After a few sips the tart and only slightly sugary flavour is really refreshing and a welcome change from sweeter cocktails.  You can also taste the 'essence' of the tequila, which is great.

Dave promises to try a few variations (maybe Gin or Vodka) before he passes on his final recipe.  We can't wait to taste his choices.

Great idea!

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