CC’s Perfect Marinade

Want to add quick and easy flavour to your meals? Here’s a very simple, taste booster that’s favourite on fish and chicken.
The secret ingredient – Currong Comestibles Rainforest Lime Shrub!
Combine equal parts of:
  • Soy Sauce = ‘salty’ element and heightened flavour
  • Olive Oil = moistness
  • Rainforest Lime Shrub = slightly sweet and tart flavour ‘combo’
Our basic recipe = 1 tablespoon of each ingredient for each  piece of ‘meat’ + one for the pan.
  1. Add your 3 ingredients to a jar/bottle and shake to mix.
  2. Pour over your ‘meat/fish’ and let it stand for as much time as available. Just prepare and leave until you’re ready to cook.)
  3. Before cooking dust the meat with your favourite herbs for added taste.
  4. If roasting just put the whole pan into the oven and cook as required. (Grilling? Just proceed as usual)
Cook & Enjoy!