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Currong News!

From Toast to Cocktail: Discover the Irresistible Flavours of the Jamtini

Introducing the Jamtini, what it is and how to make one. Cocktail ideas and inspiration.

Our Chutney - The best of 3 worlds (Indian cuisine + English recipes + Australian indigenous ingredients)

Our Chutneys are relishes that work with a wide range of foods on their own and as recipe ingredients. A traditional Indian condiment, Chutney has a long history and our Chutneys blend the best of 3 worlds (Indian cuisine + English recipes + Australian indigenous ingredients) into distinctive flavours.

Our GINLET Gimlet– Cocktails 101

We’re living in unusual (dare we say crazy) times 🤪.  In-home isolation with an ad-hoc schedule, my days seem to fluctuate from being very slow or very fast.  To put the time to good use, I’m doing a bit of personal ‘homeschooling’.  Since cafes and bars are out, my books of choice over the next few weeks will be my cocktail recipe collection...I’ve commencing with the classic Gimlet. 

🎁 Gift Card Anyone?!

Send a Gift Card for a Shrub!   ...they make perfect Thank You’s. Just select your nominated domination and the ‘Giftee’ can pick their personal selection to be shipped directly to them.

What - Why - How - Where 🤓: CC FAQs

Via online posts and at our markets we are often asked a variety of questions about our brand and products.  Here's a compilation of some of our 'most often asked' queries that you might have even considered yourself 🧐! 

Riberry Berry Jam – Our newest team member!

The newest member of the Currong Comestibles family has arrived, and it’s fantastic! 

Hello Sunshine!

We think this is the perfect brunch mocktail combining two breakfast standards, a cup of tea ☕ and Marmalade.

Hello Sweetie!

Have a taste of new Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade, (our first product since our 2012 launch).  This Marmalade is our first sweet  jam and like all of our products it’s based on indigenous Australian 'bush tucker' ingredients and traditional European ‘style’ recipes.

I’m a Shrub (and proud of it)!

Shrub – The word/name is derived from the Persian (sharāb, “wine”) and Arabic word sharāb meaning "to drink".      

Mother’s Day ‘inspired’ cocktail – The Galah

Mother’s Day should be a day of ‘Thanks’and in honour of the day I wanted to create a ‘girlie’ cocktail, pretty and pink and totally unique in flavour The Galah!  

All Day RIBERRY Chutney!

I’m more than just a pretty face for an evening of fun! I’m a fabulous Chutney that’s great for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and between meals and for Drinks too!  I’m additive free and with no artificial flavours and/or colours I work with everyone!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here’s a very special cocktail, Perfect for you! (And me, and your other favourite friends!)

Whether you’re looking for something new for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration, Galentines Day or just the approaching end of summer, we know that you will enjoy and savour the taste of this glorious cocktail.
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