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Our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ Leftover Chutney - Bakers’ Dozen of Gr8 Ideas!

December 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Holidays are here!  

Time to take stock of what’s in the pantry and what you still need to buy.   Whatever you do, don't skimp on the Chutney.    Always a great relish, chutney can be the ideal 'flavour saviour' in a wide range of other recipes.  

You won't be wasteful if you use some of our suggestions to use up those ‘marginal’ jars of chutney in the back of the refrigerator (Too much to throw away but not enough to pull out and pass around.)   

Here are our first lot of suggestions:


  • Bake a cake! It may be an unusual ingredient but it tastes fantastic. Recipes have added jam for ages (remember Nigella’s Marmalade Cake?) so this is a ‘less sweet, more spice’ variation. Our Carrot Chutney Cake used the Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney and the Chocolate Chutney Cake is flavoured with our Spicy Riberry Chutney. And since we start with cake mixes they’re super easy and quick.



  • The perfect chicken salad dressing. Combine Chutney (Rainforest Lime & Mango is our favourite), plain yogurt, curry powder and mayonnaise (optional) for a light chicken salad dressing.   Pick up a barbequed chicken from the shops you can have a ‘homemade’ salad with a unique dressing on the table in no time!  Leftover turkey also works in this recipe.



  • Chutney Cream Cheese Ball – Blend plain cream cheese (regular or low fat) and Chutney together in your food processor. Add as much or little of the chutney as you want for flavour. You can also thin it out with some plain yoghurt, which will also add a touch of tartness to your spread. Serve with crackers. Start with this basic Cheese Ball recipe for inspiration and basic ingredients.



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Our Triple C - Chocolate Chutney Cake

April 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

CC's Chocolate Chutney Cale

I love rainy, lazy Sundays and puttering around in the kitchen. This was yesterday’s achievement!

Leftover Chutney in the fridge? No worries! Turn it into a cake masterpiece in minutes. Here’s the perfect recipe our quick and easy Chocolate Chutney Cake or Chocolate C2.   In only minutes you’ll be gathering in the compliments for your baking prowess and flavour expertise.

I totally believe in the KISS method for (most of) my coking. Yes, there are times that you want to go ‘all out’ but less is often more.  You can whip up this very special cake in used Greens Classic Chocolate Cake mix and added these extra ingredients:


CC C3 ingredients

1 Teaspoon        Vanilla extract

¼ C                     Dark Chocolate Chips      

¼ C                     Spicy Riberry Chutney

Pinch                  Mixed Spice (2 shakes)

½ Teaspoon       Instant Coffee (optional)


We followed the instructions and baking directions on the box. The result was a rich, flavoursome cake with a taste reminiscent of a holiday Christmas pudding but chocolaty.  A dusting of powdered sugar tops it off.

It was perfect for a chilly, wet Autumn day partnered with a coffee.  (Or maybe a Christmas in July dessert?)


NOTE: Cake Pan

I love Master Chef and it’s presentation lessons.  I have embraced the idea that the way food looks has a VERY big impact on how it’s appreciated.  Which is why I love the Williams-Sonoma Heritage Bundt cake pan.  It makes this simple ‘mix’ look VERY special and the perfect dessert finale for your next dinner party.




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