The CC Riberry Sundae

It’s super easy, fast and guaranteed to please. 
Just scoop vanilla ice cream into your dish and top with a good ‘slurp’ of Currong Comestibles’ Riberry Shrub. 
(Our ice cream was Weight Watchers Creamy Vanilla but everyone has their own favourite vanilla.)
Sit back and enjoy!

Carrot Chutney Cake

We started with Greens Vanilla Cake mix and added these extra ingredients:
1 Teaspoon        Vanilla extract
½ C                     Grated Carrot (approx. ½ carrot)
¼ C                     Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney
Pinch                  Mixed Spice (2 shakes)
  1. Follow the cake box ingredients, instructions and baking directions + Vanilla Extract and Mixed Spice.
  2. The grated carrot added texture and a touch of ‘righteousness’ (It’s now a carrot cake)!  We only added ½ Cup but you can add more.
  3. The ¼ Cup of Chutney added just the right level of extra flavour and moistness and it’s all you need.

Triple C- Chocolate Chutney Cake

CC's Chocolate Chutney Cale
You can whip up this very special cake.  We used Greens Classic Chocolate Cake mix and added these extra ingredients:
1 Teaspoon        Vanilla extract
¼ C                     Dark Chocolate Chips      
¼ C                     Spicy Riberry Chutney
Pinch                  Mixed Spice (2 shakes)
½ Teaspoon       Instant Coffee (optional)
We followed the instructions and baking directions on the box. The result was a rich, flavoursome cake with a taste reminiscent of a holiday Christmas pudding but chocolaty.  A dusting of powdered sugar tops it off.