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Think ‘sweet fruit’, anytime and anywhere, and jam will probably come to mind.  Add to this, the unique flavours of Australia’s indigenous fruits and you’ll likely love our varieties of ‘sweeties’!   Our native fruits take ‘centre stage’ in our Preserve range and we think you’ll love the award-winning results.
Our Jams are made the old fashioned way, in small batches that are simmered and stirred to extract maximum flavour.  Our ‘jam’ is part of our second stage (post Shrub) production. The strained fruit is blended with individual and unique fruit selections to amplify and complement their indigenous character profiles.   The fruits are blended with local Australian cane sugar so all you enjoy is pure fruit flavour! 
So whether you enjoy your fruit flavour in our Marmalade, Jam, Preserve or Confit you’ll be savouring the unique essence of Australia. What’s your favourite way to enjoy this age-old sweet treat?  
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