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Get Musical!

February 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Heading to the Inner West? Develop your native Oz talent at Miss Peaches in Newtown.   Along with your chosen beverage you can get a quick music lesson on “How To Play The Leaf”.    (They even supply the leaf!)   Here’s the mini lesson plan:

How To Play 'The Leaf' instructions

Miss Peaches is a landmark at the Marlborough Hotel with 'serious food'.  (Go for the super creamy Mac & Cheese!)   Their drinks menu is good too.   Along with a range of local craft beers and classic drinks, they also have a range of their own creations.    Our favourite: The Tasman Martini (created by Tom Loosli).   It’s a totally multi-cultural cocktail made with Dutch vodka, local ‘Bush’ vermouth and our very own Riberry Shrub.

It’s well worth the ‘stop over’ and music lesson!

              Giorgia Mae enjoying her Tasman Martini  Tasman Martini cocktail     Tom L., cocktail creator @ Miss Peaches, Newtown

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