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5 Gr8 NEW Ideas for Leftover Chutney!

April 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Christmas and Easter are history and it’s Autumn! It’s time to take stock and think about ‘comfort food’.   To be practical, you don’t want to be wasteful, so how do you use up those ‘marginal’ jars of chutney in the back of the refrigerator?  (Too much to throw away but not enough to pull out and pass around.)   We have a few solutions.    Here are 5 (NEW) ways to finish the current Chutney and get ready for your next jar!


Carrot Chutney Cake

  • Bake a Chutney Cake (C2)! It may be an unusual ingredient but it tastes fantastic.  Recipes have added jam for ages (remember Nigella’s Marmalade Cake?) so think of this as a ‘less sweet, more spice’ variation.  Our Carrot Chutney Cake used the Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney and the Chocolate Chutney Cake was flavoured with our Spicy Riberry Chutney.  And since we start with cake mixes they’re super quick and easy!

  • The perfect chicken salad dressing.  Combine Chutney, plain yogurt, curry powder and mayonnaise (optional) for a light chicken salad dressing.   Pick up a barbequed chicken from the shops you can have a ‘homemade’ salad with a unique dressing on the table in no time!

chicken salad

  • Chutney Cream Cheese Ball.  Blend plain cream cheese (regular or low fat) and Chutney together in your food processor.  Add as much or little of the chutney as you want for flavour.  You can also thin it out with some plain yoghurt, which will also add a touch of tartness to your spread.  Serve with crackers.  Start with this basic Cheese Ball recipe for inspiration and basic ingredients.

Cheese Ball

  • Multi-cultural Salsa.  Add some Chutney to salsa (homemade or store bought) for a different flavour mix.  Add fresh coriander or parsley and serve with tortilla chips.


  • Chutney Cocktails take over where jamtini’s leave off.  Less sweet and more flavoursome, they’re perfect when you want ‘spice with a touch of sweetness’ cocktails.  Our favourite is the Oz Red Snapper.  This Bloody Mary variation was made for Autumn brunches.  Try one soon!



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    Pazzo Zio (Australiano) Oz

    March 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Our Crazy Australian Uncle

    It's almost Easter.  Hopefully it's also time for a quick holiday and the opportunity to catch up with friends and family.  

    We think we’ve created the ideal cocktail for your break and a other lazy autumn afternoon.  It's easy and has a fantastic, classic mix of flavours.  

    What makes this cocktail so special? The superior taste of each individual element!

    DISARONNO - Italy's classic liquor.  With over 500 years of history in every sip.

    Crazy Uncle Moonshine - Whipper Snapper Distillery's new Australian artisan whiskey

    Rainforest Lime Shrub - Vibrant Australian indigenous citrus flavour

    Orange Juice - Preferably freshly squeezed!


    The perfect blending of two great flavours and two very ‘similar’ and ‘outspoken’ cultures – Oz and Italy.   (With a touch of America – it is named ‘Moonshine’!)


    Pazzo Zio Oz

    30 ml     DISARONNO

    15 ml     Crazy Uncle Moonshine

    15 ml     Rainforest Lime Shrub

    ½ C        Orange Juice


    Add all ingredients to Shaker and mix.


    Pour and Enjoy!

    Hoppy Easter


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