The Gang’s all here! Together again!

November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments


If you have seen us at the Markets recently, you’ll already know the ‘news’ that our Spicy Riberry Chutney is bigger and better than ever!  It’s now selling in the new, bigger 210g size jar and it’s even easier to enjoy to the very end thanks to its wider ‘mouth’.  (And Riberry now matches our Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney that ‘swapped’ jars earlier in the year!)


So how will you be enjoying our very special Chutneys?  The spicy, almost ‘Christmas’ flavour of the Spicy Riberry Chutney makes it a favourite for this time of the year.  Think of our native Riberry as the Australian answer to cranberries and our Chutney as the perfect Oz cranberry relish/sauce and plate it up with your holiday turkey and lamb.


Here are our top 4 ways to enjoy our Spicy Riberry Chutney! 

  • Add a ‘smear’ to a sandwich to liven up the flavour. Our Spicy Riberry Chutney is beautiful on Turkey and Brie (instead of cranberry jelly). As a child I loved Cream Cheese & Jelly sandwiches, but my adult tastebuds prefer something ‘less sweet’ and Chutney fits the bill.  This relish is also the perfect topping for a Bacon & Egg Roll.    (Boxing Day brekkie menu idea?)


  • Chutney Cocktails take over where jamtini’s leave off. Less sweet and more flavoursome, they’re the perfect when you want a ‘spice with a touch of sweet’ cocktails. Our favourite is the Oz Red Snapper. This Bloody Mary variation was made for brunch!


  • Add a spoonful of Chutney to the pan juices of your next roast to give your gravy a totally new dimension. Chutney is made with vinegar, which is often used to deglaze roasting pans, and our unique spice blends will compliment your roast’s flavours. (Swish the pan juices around in the jar to make sure you don’t waste anything.)


  • Bake a cake!  It may be an unusual ingredient but it tastes fantastic. Recipes have added jam for ages (remember Nigella’s Marmalade Cake?) so this is a ‘less sweet, more spice’ variation. Our Chocolate Chutney Cake is flavoured with our Spicy Riberry Chutney and it’s cinnamon, clove-like ‘notes’ are perfect for the holiday season.   (And since we start with a cake mix this cake is super easy & quick.)

Which one is your favourite?

CC Spicy Riberry Chutney and Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney (210g)

(PS - We’re keeping our Chutney prices at the same $15. /jar and our Chutney Duos @ $20 until early 2019.) 

Want more Chutney ideas?  Click here for some other favourite recipe ‘hacks’!

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Popcorn 101

April 09, 2017 | 0 Comments

I love ‘home’ movie nights because I can eat and drink and not worry about how strong the cocktails are. Or driving.

For me movies = Popcorn!  Forget the Lux Theatre experience, just give me a tub of popcorn to make me happy. 

Sydney’s recent ‘big wet’ and the end of daylight savings time, has been perfect for watching DVDs. (I’m old school.) 

So to accompany the movies – POPCORN!   And to make it super special I even made popcorn from scratch! Totally from scratch! Not put a bag of the shelf in the microwave but literally pull the kernels from the corncob and pop it.

This was all I needed.  I found this popcorn at the Broadway Harris Farm, was intrigued and had to buy it. Mulyan Farms ( is based in Cowra and this product is fantastic and fun! 

The instructions on the label were simple and easy. All you had to do was pull the kernels from the cob and ‘pop’. They recommend breaking the cob in half which gives you about ¼ C. This gives you about 2 C of finished popcorn. Place the kernels in a microwave safe container and pop on high until the ‘popping’ stops. It took my microwave about 3:30 – 4 minutes. I used an old microwave popcorn maker (but that did leave me with unpopped kernels) so I’m thinking about a new glass microwave Popper from Williams-Sonoma.  

Once the popping stops, pour your popcorn into a bowl and enjoy.   It couldn’t be any fresher. 

Looking for a fun, autumn food activity? Gather the family around and pop your own popcorn. It’s a healthy snack, full of fiber and cooking it this way there are no added calories (unless you count the necessary butter)!  

Tasty Trivia: Popcorn is indigenous to North America. Archaeologists have found traces of popcorn that date back over 4,000 years. Popcorn was eaten as an American breakfast cereal in the 1800s. 


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Our Triple C - Chocolate Chutney Cake

April 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

CC's Chocolate Chutney Cale

I love rainy, lazy Sundays and puttering around in the kitchen. This was yesterday’s achievement!

Leftover Chutney in the fridge? No worries! Turn it into a cake masterpiece in minutes. Here’s the perfect recipe our quick and easy Chocolate Chutney Cake or Chocolate C2.   In only minutes you’ll be gathering in the compliments for your baking prowess and flavour expertise.

I totally believe in the KISS method for (most of) my coking. Yes, there are times that you want to go ‘all out’ but less is often more.  You can whip up this very special cake in used Greens Classic Chocolate Cake mix and added these extra ingredients:


CC C3 ingredients

1 Teaspoon        Vanilla extract

¼ C                     Dark Chocolate Chips      

¼ C                     Spicy Riberry Chutney

Pinch                  Mixed Spice (2 shakes)

½ Teaspoon       Instant Coffee (optional)


We followed the instructions and baking directions on the box. The result was a rich, flavoursome cake with a taste reminiscent of a holiday Christmas pudding but chocolaty.  A dusting of powdered sugar tops it off.

It was perfect for a chilly, wet Autumn day partnered with a coffee.  (Or maybe a Christmas in July dessert?)


NOTE: Cake Pan

I love Master Chef and it’s presentation lessons.  I have embraced the idea that the way food looks has a VERY big impact on how it’s appreciated.  Which is why I love the Williams-Sonoma Heritage Bundt cake pan.  It makes this simple ‘mix’ look VERY special and the perfect dessert finale for your next dinner party.




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Time for a Cuppa!

November 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

The crazy season has started. The Melbourne Cup is Tuesday and Christmas is just 8 weeks away! Time and patience (and money) will start becoming scarce as we try to cram everything into 54 days.

Take a deep breath and remember it’s the time for ‘Good Cheer’ and positive thoughts!  No time for meditation and/or yoga?   Now’s the time to schedule that cup of tea and ‘catchup’ with a friend. And the great thing about friends is that catching up doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive!

Which brings us to: ‘What goes with that cup of tea’? We love packet cakes! They’re quick, easy and fabulous straight from the box. Or go for awesome and add your own touches.  And we have come up with a fabulous 'Carrot Chutney Cake' thats super easy.

We made one of our favourites and it literally uses what’s in the fridge. (There’s no need to buy anything extra.)

We started with Greens Vanilla Cake mix and added these extra ingredients:

1 Teaspoon        Vanilla extract

½ C                     grated Carrot (approx. ½ carrot)

¼ C                     Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney

Pinch                  Mixed Spice (2 shakes)


Then we followed the instructions and baking directions.

The grated carrot added texture and a touch of ‘righteousness’ (It’s now a carrot cake)!   We only added ½ Cup and you can add more. The ¼ Cup of Chutney added just the right level of extra flavour and moistness and it’s all you need.

We ended up with a luscious, moist ‘carrot’ cake with a unique flavour that was perfect for afternoon tea. (And this cake mix even came with its own icing mix.)


It’s November - time to put up your feet, put on the kettle, catchup with friends and start writing your Christmas card list! 

Ho Ho Ho

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