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What - Why - How - Where 🤓: CC FAQs

Via online posts and at our markets we are often asked a variety of questions about our brand and products.  Here's a compilation of some of our 'most often asked' queries that you might have even considered yourself 🧐! 


Why are the products called ‘shrubs’?  Which shrubs or trees are they made from?

The name Shrub – is derived from the Persian (sharāb, “wine”) and Arabic word sharāb meaning "to drink".         

Shrubs are cordials made with a vinegar base rather than water.  You might also hear them described as ‘drinking vinegars’.  We use apple cider vinegar as we found this type of vinegar gave us the best flavour with our native fruits.   

Over the millennium, vinegared drinks have been in and out of favour due to the uncertainty of drinkable water.  They were last popular in European countries in the 1600 – 1800’s when they were the used as a method of preservation in colonial Australia & America.  They have become popular again this century as bartenders have rediscovered them for their use in cocktails.

(Culinary Trivia: The same words sharāb have also given English language the words syrup and sherbet.)


How do I use your products?

You can enjoy our Shrubs both on their own and as mixers in your favourite drinks.   Just mix them with water (still or sparking) for a refreshing flavourful beverage.  They’re not overly sweet and have a refreshing light flavour (we’ve described them as cordials for grownups).  One of the great aspects of cordials is that you can determine your preferred level of flavour intensity without affecting the ‘texture’ of the drink (unlike juices and/or sodas).  Our preferred dilution is 1 Tablespoon Shrub per cup of water.  (This is the mixture you would have tasted at our market stalls.)    We suggest that you experiment with different proportions until you find your ideal mix.

When you use our Shrubs for cocktails and other drinks, you’ll find that most recipes will list the ingredient levels.  Follow the original recipe initially but then be a bit adventurous until you find your perfect recipe! 

 And don’t forget to experiment with your recipes when you’re using our Chutneys and Jams too.  Along with their traditional roles as sweet and savoury relishes you can also add them to an assortment of recipes and other menu ideas.  Click here for a few suggestions. 

Do your Shrubs contain alcohol?

No, our Shrubs are non-alcoholic and made with an apple cider vinegar base.  They are fantastic cordials and ideal in still and/or sparkling water.  They are also great mixers in cocktails and mocktails.

Do your products contain sugar?

Yes, Shrubs are cordials with a vinegar rather than water base.  Our products use local Australian cane sugar as our sweetener with a locally sourced apple cider vinegar base. 

Where are your products made?     Where is Currong? 

Our products are manufactured in Port Macquarie, regional NSW.  (Sorry, Currarong NSW.)

Our name Currong Comestibles is a reflection of our company’s brand vision.  Currong is an Aboriginal word (name) for the indigenous silver wattle tree.  Comestibles is an old English word for foodstuff or pantry item.   We think of ourselves as being a historical culinary fusion brand, blending native Australian ingredients (40,000 years+) and traditional European recipes (200 years+) into gourmet products for the 21stcentury.


How long will my products last and how should I store them?

All of our products have long shelf lives (2 years +) and do not have any added preservatives.  (The vinegar we use as the product base is a natural preservative.)  However we recommend that you refrigerate the products after opening to ensure their stability if you don’t intend to use them on an ongoing basis.

Please remember that all of our products can be used in a variety of recipes and menus.  This is particularly true for our Chutneys which can be used to flavour everything from mocktails to cakes.  Here are some of our favourite recipe ideas for ‘leftover chutney’.

What is your product return policy?

We appreciate that you want to shop with the confidence and know that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it.   We will provide you with an exchange or refund within the following guidelines:

  • Goods must be returned within three months of purchase.
  • A valid receipt must be produced and the item must be in re-saleable condition

Please contact us directly at if you have any questions and/or problems with your purchase.


Our preferred shipping partner is Australia Post.  Depending on your order and the destination another carrier may be used.  Whichever freight carrier is used it will be noted on your invoice along with the relevant specific tracking details.


Still wondering? Send us your questions! 🤓

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