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Riberry Berry Jam – Our newest team member!

February 03, 2020 | 0 Comments


We now have the missing piece to our family puzzle!  The newest member of the Currong Comestibles family has arrived, and it’s fantastic!  (Yes, we are a bit biased)!

Have you tried our Riberry Berry Jam yet?  (The first batch arrived just before Christmas and its a delicious blend of native Australian and European fruits.) 

Are you familiar with the how Riberries taste?  Our Riberries are the fruit of the Lilly Pilly Syzygium luehmannii, variety, and have a tart, sweet and juicy ‘berry’ taste.

The flavour is aromatic, clove-like, slightly spicy and reminiscent of a holiday mince tart.  Flavourful and fabulous, it’s a taste that’s perfectly partnered with the traditional sweeter strawberries, blueberries and apples in this recipe.


Our Riberry Berry Jam the perfect morning ‘topper’ for breakfast crumpets.  (Or any time of the day crumpets!).  And while the English 'high tea' favourite is scones with strawberry preserves, wait until you taste this option!


Many of our customers remember tasting Riberries as children thanks to regional visits to family, friends and country fetes with stalls selling Riberry Jam made by local CWA chefs.   

Like all of our products this Jam gives a whole new meaning to the category thanks to its bush tucker heritage .  There are over 100 native Australian Lilly Pilly varieties and they vary in size, colour and flavour.   High in vitamin C and folate (vitamin B12), Riberries are now being studied for its anti-bacterial potential  and other disease limiting properties. 

This new Jam is also part of our overall ‘no waste’ production focus.  Our Jams (and Chutneys) are our’ second stage process’ using the fruit from our Shrub productions and blended into products thanks to complimentary ingredients that highlight their unique bush tucker flavours.  Locally made in regional NSW, our products are vegan and made without any artificial additives and/or preservatives.

If you’re in Sydney, stop by for a taste of this beautiful new Jam at any of our upcoming market stalls.  Or order it online!   You won’t be disappointed!


#80001  Riberry Berry Jam   (RRP) $15.    @ 210 g.


Culinary Trivia: Strawberries are not berries as their seeds are on the outside. The strawberry ‘fruit’ is considered a member of the rose family.

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