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Hello Sunshine!

 Marmalade Mocktail

It’s Spring and time to slowly get into ‘celebration/cocktail mode’ for summer.  Here’s a great, non-alcohol, way to ease into your ‘mixologist mentality’ with a touch of sweetness.   It’s an understated taste and you probably have at least half of the ingredients in your cupboard already. 

We used Bush Peppermint in our recipe.  It has an herbal and earthly fragrance/taste that is reminiscent of the Chocolate Mint variety but is an indigenous Australian native.  It’s easy to grow and lends itself to a variety of recipes!   

We think this is the perfect brunch mocktail combining two breakfast standards, a cup of tea  and Marmalade.

Drink up! 😋

Marmalade Mocktail


1 C                   Strong Black Tea

15ml                 Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade

½ C                  Bush Peppermint – Mentha Satureioides* 

¼ C                  Ginger Beer



  1. Brew Tea and add Mint while water is still hot to extract as much flavour as possible.
  2. Add Marmalade and mix well.
  3. Pour mixture into cocktail shaker with ice to cool. Shake to completely mix.
  4. Empty and strain mixture into glass with ice.
  5. Add approximately ¼ C of Ginger Beer to give drink a bit of ‘fizz’.
  6. Garnish with extra Mint.

*Note: (if using regular Mint use only ¼ C. due to its stronger flavour.)



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