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June 28, 2019 | 0 Comments


Taste our new 😋

Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade!

Have a taste of new Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade, (our first product since our 2012 launch).  This Marmalade is our first sweet  jam and like all of our products it’s based on indigenous Australian 'bush tucker' ingredients and traditional European ‘style’ recipes.

 The main ingredient is our Rainforest Lime, Microcitrus australis, (AKA Bush Lime or Australian Round Lime) and it’s tart citrus flavour is paired with South Australian Nagami and Marumi kumquats (from The Kumquatery).  Both of these kumquat varieties have sweet peels and sour flesh, which adds a sweetness that balances the Rainforest Lime’s tangy flavour for a ‘well-rounded’ taste and golden marmalade.

 (CULINARY TRIVIA:  The Nagami kumquat was first introduced to London from China in 1846, while the Marumi variety dates back to the 1780s.)

  Our Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade uses a traditional English marmalade recipe combined with non-traditional fruit for an exciting new product. This new Marmalade along with our Shrubs and Chutneys, is a great blend of an old recipe and native Australian ingredients into 21st century foods. We think this flavour combination is unique and this marmalade can be used on its own or to give dishes added ‘oomph’ in a variety of recipes.
 The new Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade is part of our sustainable production scheme and like all of our products this new product is FREE of any artificial flavourings, preservatives or colours.

 What’s your favourite way to enjoy Marmalade?  

Toast?   Scones?   Crumpets?   Porridge?

#80002  Rainforest Lime & Kumquat Marmalade  (RRP) $15 @ 210 g.


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