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🎁 Gift Card Anyone?!

March 31, 2020 | 0 Comments

Let’s pretend:

You’re home (like me) and trying to figure out what comes next!  You’re in the process of self-isolation to keep yourself, your family and the community safe and only venturing out if it’s absolutely necessary.   Depending on what you do, you may have already been working from home along with extra family members, pets and/or flatmates for the last week or so.


In any case you’re not going ‘shopping’ as we knew it anytime soon. Can I make a suggestion?   Currong Comestibles has just added a new Gift Card option on our website so now you can share our fabulous products with friends and family around the country! 


With just a few keystrokes you can share a taste of indigenous Australian culture (our bush tucker ingredients), culinary history (our traditional European recipes) and great flavour with award-winning products.  I love this way of shopping and gifting as it saves me from the panic of selecting the wrong gift but gives me points for being a ‘savvy’ shopper.  👏 


Family lunches and celebrations (unless ‘virtual’) look to be off the holiday calendar for several months but why not send them the opportunity to enjoy a chutney with their Easter ham in your absence.  Mother’s Day cocktails 🍸Graduation Bar-B-Ques 🍹?    Thanks to Currong Comestibles, Australia Post and FaceTime you’ll still be there!


Do they enjoy a cocktail or two (or maybe mocktails)?   Send them a Gift Card for a Shrub!   And Gift Cards make for perfect Thank You’s to your neighbours too.  It’s a geat way to say, ‘I’m thinking of you 👍🏾.’ Without the problem of worrying about their actual taste preferences.🧐 And since no one is venturing any dates on when the lockdown will be over, this new option could solve a lot of your upcoming gift dilemmas over the next few months.


Just select your nominated domination and the ‘Giftee’ can pick their personal selection to be shipped directly to them.


Happy Gifting 🎁

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