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Mother’s Day ‘inspired’ cocktail – The Galah

May 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Galah

Mother’s Day should be a day of ‘Thanks’and in honour of the day I wanted to create a ‘girlie’ cocktail, pretty and pink and totally unique in flavour The Galah.

This rose coloured beauty is a delicious culinary fusion, ‘spiritually’ Australian and a very special drink.

It’s an ideal cocktail for an afternoon of sipping, laughing and relishing good company, family or otherwise🍸😋! 

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Christmas already?! 🎁

December 06, 2018 | 0 Comments

How can it be December already 🤪?   With less than a fortnight to go, Christmas is literally around the corner!   But don’t panic about the menu.   Instead be pro-active and use multi task ingredients and recipes. 


Here’s a drink idea that sure to become a family favourite.  The initial recipe is a non-alcoholic mocktail that everyone will enjoy.  It’s a great holiday punch that’s light, refreshing and not too sweet.   Simple, easy and with only four ingredients this recipe is the perfect way to stay hydrated on lazy summer afternoons!


But don’t be fooled this recipe easily morphs into a delightful cocktail that works whatever the weather. 


Sydney Sunset Punch



1          Ltr.       Apple Juice

1          Ltr.       Unsweetened (strong) Mint Tea

1/2      Ltr.       Watermelon Juice

1/2      Cup      Rainforest Lime Shrub




  1. Mix well & chill.


The punch looks beautiful and is ideal to serve via a ‘help yourself’ punch bowl.   Feel free to add chunks of melon and strawberries.   (If you have the time ‘mix & refreeze’ and serve as a semi-slushie.   At the very least don’t forget the ice!)   


For a special touch serve in coupechampagne glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of edible flowers💐.    We love the festive Williams-Sonoma Vintage Etched Coupe photographed.


(Grownups can add up to 30ml Gin (personal favourite: Poor Tom’s Strawberry Gin) + (optional) 2 drops orange bitters per serving ‘topup’🍸.)


Quick, Easy and totally refreshing - Drinks organized with and without alcohol!   Next task?!


Happy Holidays!

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Hello Spring! It’s time to Muddle Up!

September 03, 2017 | 0 Comments

It’s September and time to officially welcome Spring to Oz! The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of weather, sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Well now it’s Spring and time to think positively about the longer days and warmer weather.

Our contribution to the new season is the G&T Muddle. Quick and easy (our mantra) it tastes fabulous! A touch herbal, sweet and tart it’s bound to put you into the right mood for this time of the year.


G&T Muddle  



30 ml        Poor Toms Gin   (We love it’s light, fresh flavour and label)

15 ml        Rainforest Lime Shrub

60 ml        Tonic Water

3-4            Mint Leaves

3-4            Cucumber Slices




  1. Muddle Cucumber Slices, Mint Leaves and Rainforest Lime Shrub in cocktail shaker.
  2. Add Gin into cocktail shaker with ice and shake to mix
  3. Strain into glass with ice cubes.
  4. Top with Tonic Water.
  5. Add Cucumber and Mint to garnish.

What better way to say ‘Hello Sunshine’!



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Our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ Leftover Chutney - Bakers’ Dozen of Gr8 Ideas! #3

December 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Another day, another Chutney idea trio!  Getting inspired?

  • Chutney Cocktails take over where jamtini’s leave off. Less sweet and more flavoursome, they’re the perfect when you want a ‘spice with a touch of sweet’ cocktails. Our favourite is the Oz Red Snapper. This Bloody Mary variation was made for brunch!

  • Curry side dish. Mix up a new taste sensation by adding the remnants of one chutney jar to the next one you open. You’ll create something new to tantalise your guests’ taste buds.
  • Create flavoured Butter. Add Chutney to butter for extra flavour. Use this butter when you’re roasting chicken for both crispness and seasoning. You can even slip it under the chicken (or turkey) skin to add extra moistness. Roast Chicken Tips  


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    Sydney Sunday

    February 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

    One of the great things about the weekend is just doing nothing.  Those lazy, easy days when nothing is planned and you can just hang out and wait to ‘create’ something (anything)!

    Last Sunday was one of those days.  It started out overcast, dark and dreary but finished off bright and sunny.  To celebrate the occasion (and weather) this cocktail was created.

    The starting point was Poor Toms Gin, which is a Sydney local (literally down the road).  It’s a dry gin with a beautiful flavour thanks to botanicals that include chamomile and Australian native strawberry gum leaf.

    And since it’s still February and Valentines Day was less than a fortnight ago it seemed the perfect opportunity to use one of Castle Glen’s Sex range liquors.  Have you heard of Castle Glen Australia?  Family owned by the Millars, all of the preservative-free products are made on the premises in Stanthorpe in the granite belt near the NSW/QLD border.  The range is unbelievable and includes wines, liqueurs, spirits, beers and ciders.   (It’s a lolly shop for grownups!)

    We bought a beautiful Merlot and the Sex range of fortified liqueur minis.  The Cherry and Pomegranate Sex at Sunset lends both its name and flavour to our cocktail.   The sweetness of the liqueur is tempered by the tang of the Shrub and the Gin’s delicate ‘bite’.

    All in all, the cocktail was an ideal ‘drop’ to finish off the afternoon and welcome the sunset! (And was super easy to make!)


    Simple & Sexy


    30 ml          Poor Toms Gin

    15 ml          Riberry Shrub

    15ml           Sex at Sunset Liqueur

    3 - 4 Mint Leaves



    1. Add all ingredients to shaker with ice and shake to mix well.
    2. Strain and pour into martini style glass with crushed ice.
    3. Enjoy



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