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Sydney Sunday

One of the great things about the weekend is just doing nothing.  Those lazy, easy days when nothing is planned and you can just hang out and wait to ‘create’ something (anything)!

Last Sunday was one of those days.  It started out overcast, dark and dreary but finished off bright and sunny.  To celebrate the occasion (and weather) this cocktail was created.

The starting point was Poor Toms Gin, which is a Sydney local (literally down the road).  It’s a dry gin with a beautiful flavour thanks to botanicals that include chamomile and Australian native strawberry gum leaf.

And since it’s still February and Valentines Day was less than a fortnight ago it seemed the perfect opportunity to use one of Castle Glen’s Sex range liquors.  Have you heard of Castle Glen Australia?  Family owned by the Millars, all of the preservative-free products are made on the premises in Stanthorpe in the granite belt near the NSW/QLD border.  The range is unbelievable and includes wines, liqueurs, spirits, beers and ciders.   (It’s a lolly shop for grownups!)

We bought a beautiful Merlot and the Sex range of fortified liqueur minis.  The Cherry and Pomegranate Sex at Sunset lends both its name and flavour to our cocktail.   The sweetness of the liqueur is tempered by the tang of the Shrub and the Gin’s delicate ‘bite’.

All in all, the cocktail was an ideal ‘drop’ to finish off the afternoon and welcome the sunset! (And was super easy to make!)


Simple & Sexy


30 ml          Poor Toms Gin

15 ml          Riberry Shrub

15ml           Sex at Sunset Liqueur

3 - 4 Mint Leaves



  1. Add all ingredients to shaker with ice and shake to mix well.
  2. Strain and pour into martini style glass with crushed ice.
  3. Enjoy



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