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Hoppy Easter!

It’s Easter! (Yup it’s that time already.) The official beginning of the Autumn/Winter holidays and jumper season. It’s also an occasion when you catch up with those family members you may have missed over the summer.

It’s a standing joke that you can’t pick your family the way you can your friends so some of those family get togethers may be a bit awkward. Differences of opinions, lifestyles and outlooks are bound to occur. The trick is to keep smiling, remember to file these episodes under ‘Family Memories’ and persevere.

To help with this ‘plan’ we have created a new cocktail, B’Cuz. With just four ingredients, it’s easy to assemble, all Oz local and fabulous!




Its first ‘secret’ ingredient is Whipper Snapper’s Crazy Uncle Moonshine. This signature whiskey is made with 100% local WA grains.   The label says it all including how we came up with the cocktail name!

Madenii’s Classic Vermouth with Australian botanicals is the ideal blend for this cocktail. Not too sweet and the ideal whiskey partner. (Think of this cocktail as a ‘Manhattan’ sibling.)

Our Riberry Shrub lends a bit of extra sweetness along with its spicy and tart note to the cocktail as well as a touch of colour. YUMMO!

Top it all off with another historical beverage Mead. Crafted in the Southern Highlands, BEE Mead is Australia’s first sparkling mead. And what better way to celebrate the season than with a drink that predates the Easter celebrations by several millennium! Our choice for this cocktail is the Honey & Spice flavour with its subtle holiday spice notes.



30ml                           Crazy Uncle Moonshine (Whipper Snapper Distillery)

15ml                           Madenii Classic Vermouth

15ml                           CC Riberry Shrub

20ml (approx.)          BEE Mead Honey & Spice



  1. Combine Moonshine, Vermouth and Riberry Shrub in cocktail shaker and shake to mix.
  2. Strain into glass with ice.
  3. Top with BEE Mead and stir to mix.


Keep smiling &  



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