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First Post & Beginnings

October 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the new world of Currong Comestibles, blogging and Instagram.

I love cooking.  Forget ‘retail therapy.’  Give me ‘kitchen therapy’ and discovering new flavour combinations.   Puttering around in the kitchen is relaxing to me.  I love adding a touch of something new to an old recipe and tasting a fresh creation.

I've played with the classic Screwdriver and given it a touch of OZ by adding the CC Rainforest Lime Shrub.  Hope you like this update of an old favourite.

VIVA BrisVegas!

Turn the traditional vodka and orange juice, Screwdriver (1 part vodka + 2 parts orange juice + ice) into a BrisVegas by adding 1 part Rainforest Lime Shrub. 

So much flavour you might even want to reduce the vodka!



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