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10 more Sleeps till Santa!


Are you ready?  It one of life’s basic truths that December 25 is always going to be Christmas Day but each year the timing gets away from me. From December 10th onwards I wonder how much can I multi-task. 
 This year it’s a little bit easier thanks to the Shrubs.  Here’s how:
Mixed with still/sparkling water   
Perfect when you want more than water but less than anything too sweet.  Add as little or as much as the mood suits you.  It can be enjoyed by anyone – children, pregnant women, non-drinkers or anyone who just wants a quick, refreshing drink.  
As a unique cocktail or mocktail mixer  
Release your inner bartender and experiment with juices, soda, wine and spirits to create unique cocktails and mocktails.  An ideal way to quickly entertain holiday visitors with something new and flavourful. 

As a special ingredient in savoury recipes
Add a few drops of the Rainforest Lime Shrub to your salad dressings for an added burst of citrus flavour.  The Shrubs’ apple cidervinegar base makes it the perfect addition to your special marinades and sauces.  Quickly and easily expand your recipe file!



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