Tipple Tips

October 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Jazz up your glasses in a Jiffy!

All it takes is a few minutes, 2 saucers, decorating sugar and a little planning to make your cocktails look spectacular. 

We used our Riberry Shrub (a little extra from our upcoming cocktail recipe).

Prepare the saucers first so that you can work quickly. Pour a small amount of the Shrub or other liquid into a saucer. (We prefer the Shrub as it's thicker and we knew the sugar would adhere to its ‘stickiness’.)  Dip the cocktail glass into the liquid to lightly coat the rim. Allow any excess liquid to drip back into the saucer. Then quickly dip the ‘rimmed’ glass into your selected trim of icing/sanding sugar or 100’s & 1,000’s, etc. Swirl the glass to give it an even coating.


Upright the glass (and admire). You may want to chill them to allow the sugar to set before you pour the cocktails. (This can be done up to several hours before the party.)



Just pour the drinks and take the credit for your glamorous presentation!  

(Cocktail recipe to follow, promise.)


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