Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney Recipes



Fish or Chicken?


Add fast flavour to any fish (our favourite is salmon) or chicken dish with Currong Comestibles Rainforest Lime Chutney.  

Mix 2 Tablespoons of Chutney with 1 Tablespoon each of Soy Sauce and Olive Oil.   Spread over meat and allow to stand for about 30 minutes.  Then roast.  






Cheese Platter

Bye, Bye Winter ‘End of Season’ Ideas #9

Cheese, crackers and cocktails.

Here’s a cheese platter from Paesanella Food Emporium. Ask for Paul, let him know what you want to spend and relax. This platter serves up Riberry Shrub and Rainforest & Mango Chutney for flavour alternatives to the cheeses.