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Riberry Shrub Recipes


 The Riberry Bramble

This beautiful cocktail was created by Dave Brown of The Cotton Thief  in Cremorne, NSW, one of our favourite new small bars.

We love this combo of mixed berries, our Riberry Shrub and a fabulous new artisan gin, Botanic Australis Gin. (Keep an eye out for this new gin at your local bottle shop, it’s delicious.)


  • 20ml Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub
  • 4-5 frozen mixed berries
  • 45ml Botanic Australis Gin
  • Dash of sugar syrup* (optional)


Muddle berries and Riberry Shrub in a cocktail shaker.
Add the Gin (and sugar syrup*)
Shake over ice and strain into a ‘rocks’ glass.
Fill with crushed ice.

    (*to make sugar syrup dissolve 1 part white sugar with 1 part boiling water)




    The Ribertini

    Riberry Shrub + Vodka + a splash of Vermouth = The Perfect Cocktail






    The CC Riberry Sundae

    It’s super easy, fast and guaranteed to please. 

    Just scoop vanilla ice cream into your dish and top with a good ‘slurp’ of Currong Comestibles’ Riberry Shrub

    (Our ice cream was Weight Watchers Creamy Vanilla but everyone has their own favourite vanilla.)

    Sit back, enjoy and try not to think about the heat.






    SBC Berry Sexy Cocktail

    Bye, Bye Winter ‘End of Season’ Ideas #11

    Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub + Mt. Uncle Distillery’s SexyCat Marshmallow Liqueur  + Botanic Australis Gin =




     Mulled Riberry Wine

    Bye, Bye Winter ‘End of Season’ Ideas #4

    One of our favourite recipes for Mulled Wine is from Emily at Adeline & Lumiere.

    (She’s based in Melbourne so she is familiar with cold, wet weather.)

    We suggest a Merlot, not too heavy but flavourful, for the wine.

    And add 3 Tablespoons (per batch) of our Riberry Shrub for a special aromatic flavour twist!




     X Cocktail

    Goodbye Autumn – Hello ‘X’?

    Our friends up north, at Ettalong Beach on the central coast, have also been enjoying this great weather and Peter Clarke of Bar TOTO has been busy creating  the ‘X’ Our ‘X’ combines a Queensland artisan whiskey, Spanish sherry and our Riberry Shrub.  We think it gives this cocktail a nice ‘warm weather’ heritage. The perfect ‘sippable’ combination as you watch the sunset on a beautiful Autumn day.  (Which is very easy to do at Bar TOTO.)  



    • 60 ml          Mt. Uncle BBC Single Malt Whiskey
    • 20 ml          Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub
    • 15 ml          Pedro Ximenez Sherry
    • 3 dashes    Angostura bitters
    1. Stir all ingredients with ice
    2. Garnish with a lemon twist

    Sit back and enjoy.


    OOPS & HELP!  We need a name for this new cocktail. We thought it was a Juniper Fizz but Peter has advised that while he created and photographed this cocktail he hasn’t given it a name. 
    Can you help us? 
    You’ll share bragging rights with Peter on our website, Facebook and Twitter!  Please send us your suggestions via


    The Riberry Collins

    Here’s one of our favourite cocktails designed by Nip of Courage’s Kathleen D., and served at Top Shelf trade show.  (And don't forget to use a local spirit like our choice Stone Pine Dry Gin!) 



    • 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons caster sugar
    • 1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) Stone Pine Dry Gin
    • 1 ounce Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub
    • Club soda or seltzer water
    • 1 lemon slice for garnish 


    In a tall glass stir together the lemon juice and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  

    Add the Stone Pine Dry Gin, Riberry Shrub and enough ice cubes to fill the glass to three quarters full.  

    Stir to combine.

    Top off the drink with the club soda or the seltzer water, stir well, and garnish it with the lemon slice.

    Makes 1 drink




     The Sydney Sunset

    Ghoulishly Good – Happy Halloween

    Created with Bundaberg Spiced Rum it has a touch of vanilla and a flavour that’s complimented by the Riberry Shrub’s natural hint of spice.


    • 120g          Orange Juice (fresh OR bottled)
    • 60g            Bundaberg Spiced Rum
    • 30g            Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub
    • Ice Cubes

    Directions:  Combine orange juice and rum in a tall glass filled with ice. Top with Shrub.  Serve and enjoy.


    NOTE: This cocktail is beautifully two-toned when first poured. With time the ingredients will mix together into an intense orange color. Stir to fully blend the flavours.




      The Inner West Side


    Introducing the INNER WEST SIDE, the newest Riberry Shrub cocktail in Sydney!

    Created by the bar maestros at the Newtown Hotel in Sydney’s inner west suburbs (hence the name), it’s now available to savour and enjoy at the hotel’s ‘animal’ restaurant.

    It’s so new to the menu that it’s not on the hotel’s website yet.  We don’t have the recipe but we can share that the ingredients are:

    • Tanqueray Gin
    • Lime
    • Riberry Shrub
    • Mint (fresh)

     The combination is light, refreshing and a touch ‘old school’ cocktail.

    Ideal for the holidays (and any other time)!



    Happy Holidays!

    The Riberry Champagne Cocktail

    Add a teaspoon of our Riberry Shrub to a champagne flute and top it off with your favourite champagne.

    It’s the perfect cocktail: Super flavourful, quick and easy.

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