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Rainforest Lime Shrub

Rainforest Lime Shrub

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Australia’s indigenous Rainforest Lime has a vibrant and intense citrus flavour. Its refreshing tartness makes this Shrub an ideal thirst quencher.

A Shrub is a vinegar based cordial that makes for a very refreshing drink.

Our Shrubs combine an old colonial American 18th century beverage recipe with 20,000 year-old native ingredients to create great new 21st century products. The Currong Comestibles Shrubs are a unique blend of indigenous Australian fruits, pure apple cider vinegar and cane sugar. They combine the taste of American colonial refreshment with indigenous Australian fruits to create unique native fruits vinegar based beverages.

Just add water (sparkling or still) for a quick and refreshing drink. Use it to add a unique Australian touch to your special cocktails or mocktails and don't forget to add it to your savoury recipes. The apple cider vinegar base and concentrated flavour lends itself to flavouring a myriad of dishes as well as drinks; add a few drops to a soy marinade to wake up a chicken or fish dish! Visit our recipe section for more great culinary ideas.

Savour these unique Australian flavours

*Mixed with still/sparkling water       
*As a unique cocktail or mocktail mixer     
*As a special ingredient in savoury recipes


Rainforest Lime Mojito (Urban Harvested)  Thirsty? Try our Rainforest Lime Mojito 🍸!


Awards: Rainforest Lime Shrub

GOLD Medal  2016 Australian Food Awards

SILVER Medal  2014 Royal Hobart Fine Food Award

BRONZE Medal  2013 Sydney Royal Fine Food Award




Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information
250 ml / servings per bottle: 12.5 / serving size: 20 ml

energy ~             216 kj per serve            1080 kj per 100 ml
protein ~             0.0 g per serve             0.2 g per 100 ml
fat, total ~           0.0 g per serve             0.0 g per 100 ml
saturated fat ~   0.0 g per serve             0.0 g per 100 ml
carbohydrate ~ 12.8 g per serve           63.8 g per 100 ml
sugars ~             12.4 g per serve           62.2 g per 100 ml
sodium ~            3 mg per serve             2 mg per 100 ml

All Natural Ingredients

Rainforest Limes, Cane Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water.


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