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Spicy Riberry Chutney + Riberry Berry Jam Duo

Spicy Riberry Chutney + Riberry Berry Jam Duo

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Ready for some 'serious' entertaining?

Stock up at our special ‘market’ price!

 Our CHUTNEYS are great for:

  • A relish for roasts and sandwiches    
  • Spice up a cheese platter    
  • As the secret ingredient in marinades, sauces, dressings & cocktails
(We’ve even added it to cakes!)


 Our JAMS are great for:

  • The perfect spread for toast, scones and pancakes    
  • As a unique cocktail mixer    
  • As the special ingredient in cakes and sauces


Double your tasting pleasure at a very special price.

1 Chutney + 1 Jam  for only $20 (& save 33%)!



1  x  Spicy Riberry Chutney (210g)
1  x  Riberry Berry Jam (210g)

Double your tasting pleasure at a very special price.

1 Chutney + 1 Jam for only $20 (& save 33%)!


Australia’s native Riberry adds a surprising aromatic and clove-like taste to the mix of fruits and spices (with a touch of chilli) in our Spicy Riberry Chutney.  

SILVER Medal  2014 Royal Hobart Fine Food Award

BRONZE Medal  2014 Royal Hobart Fine Food Award


Enjoy the 'gingery' flavour of Australia's indigenous Riberry partnered with our sweet berry mix in this flavourful mix.   Our Riberry Berry Jam is a delightful blend of sugar & spice!  


Nutritional Information

Riberry Berry Jam - all natural ingredients: Cane Sugar, Riberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Glucose, Apple, Pectin (440) Citric Acid (330).

Spicy Riberry Chutney - all natural ingredients: Riberries, Sugar, Onion, Golden Syrup, Apples, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dates, Chilli, Spices, Sea Salt.



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