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Tropical Oz Storm

November 09, 2014 | 0 Comments

OK so we can’t/won’t call it a Dark ‘N Stormy.  (Goslings has that sewn up and trademarked.)

We will say that this cocktail was inspired by the Bermuda cocktail but with a definite ‘Down Under' twist.

What better way to celebrate summer than with Australian Rum, Ginger Beer and Rainforest (Bush) Lime Shrub.

We used local 'basics' and added the third mandatory ingredient, Rainforest Lime Shrub.  It adds that citrus punch that cuts through the Rum and Ginger Beer to make it an OZ legend. 

What do you think?

4 oz Ginger Beer  (Brookvale Union) 

2 oz. Rum  (Bundaberg Spiced)

1 oz Rainforest Lime Shrub

Fill glass with ice and add ingredients in order listed.  You should see 2-3 layers in your drink (depending on how dark your rum is).  Stir to mix and enjoy!

Now we just need the right name.

Here’s the link to the Australian Meteorological website to see what’s on offer for the next round of tropical cyclone names.


We’re not sure if we want to pick one of those or something different?  Any suggestions?

PS – If you’re not having any alcohol, make this mocktail with just the Ginger Beer and Shrub.  It’s still d’Lish!

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