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OZ Red Snapper or Mangrove Jack?!

2015’s newest Cocktail

Australia Day is just around the corner!  How will you be celebrating?  We suggest that you do it with style and 'the Locals'!  Our #1 suggestion is the new OZ Red Snapper Cocktail from Andre de Villiers of Melbourne’s Cocktail Kombi.

It’s a new Chutney Cocktail.  Have you tried them yet?

This new cocktail is an Oz variation on the Red Snapper, which is itself a variation on the classic Bloody Mary.  In the hands of mixologist, Andre it’s a taste sensation. It’s spicy ‘tomatoey’ with an indescribable savoury flavour thanks to the addition of our Riberry Chutney.  And the local Gin base (we used Australis Botanic) adds an additional indigenous touch.


Andre de Villiers’

OZ Red Snapper

60 ml                Botanic Australis Gin

15 ml                Currong Comestibles Spicy Riberry Chutney

5ml                    Lemon juice

150ml               Tomato juice

dash of             Worcestershire sauce

3 - 5ml              green habanero Hot Sauce (to taste)

salt + pepper    (Optional - to taste)


Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and toss gently.

Strain into an ice filled tall ‘Collins’ type glass, garnish with celery stick. (Cocktail onions on a skewer and/or Prawn optional!)


Chutney Cocktails start where Jam cocktails end. They’re less sweet and a touch spicier with an intriguing palate taste for an added cocktail ‘twist’.  (Chutneys seem to have just that touch of ‘hard to describe’ sophisticated flavour that jam infused cocktails miss.)

Australia Day is the last big holiday of the summer and possibly your last chance to catch up with family and friends to hangout and chillax  for months.  We couldn’t think of a better ‘partner’ than an OZ Red Snapper.

Or should it be renamed?  OZ Red Snapper or Mangrove Jack? 

Your thoughts and ideas please!


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