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Hello Winter!

Winter has come to Sydney!  Last week was cold, wet and windy and perfect weather for heading inside.   It’s ideal for pulling out the pots and pans and practicing all of your comfort food recipes.  (Maybe even investing in a slow cooker for more, quick and easy, culinary pursuits.)

It’s definitely Hot Toddy weather.  This old fashioned drink has all of the elements: Spirits, Sweetness and Flavour.   It’s a traditional recipe so there must be something about the effects and/or taste that’s worth repeating.   And depending on what you read it may even be 'medicinal' and help relieve that first chill and/or sniffle.   (If nothing else you’ll feel better after enjoying a good Hot Toddy.)

There are so many recipes that the mind boggles!   (Our initial Google search came up with 1,190,000 references.)   Our preference is to keep it simple and local.  The fewer ingredients the easier it is to mix up.

Our new favourite Hot Toddy is thanks to Lisa at WA’s Whipper Snapper Distillery.  The two secret ingredients are Riberry Shrub and Crazy Uncle Moonshine.  The Moonshine is an ‘American style’ 100% grain neutral spirit (Whiskey) with a unique smooth and silky taste.  It's not for the faint hearted and is the perfect partner to the Shrub.  We’ve streamlined a recipe that called for lemon juice and spices by using Riberry Shrub with it’s berry, mellow flavor with it's natural hints of cloves, ginger, cinnamon and other winter spices.

We know you’ll like this duo.



Whipper Snapper’s Hot Toddy

45ml     Crazy Uncle Moonshine

30ml     Hot Water

20ml     Riberry Shrub

15ml     Honey

Lemon slice to garnish

  1. Gentle heat Water to just below boiling.
  2. Rinse heatproof glass with warm water and dry.
  3. Pour warm Water into glass, followed by Crazy Uncle Moonshine.
  4. Stir in the Honey, followed by the Riberry Shrub.
  5. Mix well to dissolve Honey and top with Lemon slice garnish.

Looking for even more direction? Here’s a great article by The Guardian’s Felicity Cloake for Hot Toddy inspiration.

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