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One of the great things about Tempe is that this part of Sydney's inner west has now become 'trendy'. It was always comfortable, friendly and convenient but now the rest of Sydney has discovered it! 

I just found another great spot - Willie the Boatman Brewery on Mary Street!  It's a fabulous micro brewery within walking distance with a great range of tipples.  Named after William Kerr, an early Tempe local (and convict) the brewery is tucked away with a coffee roaster and axe throwing parlour as neighbours.

You really need to visit Willie's in person as our two favourite brews aren't even listed on their website. (On site they're all available for a taste.)  For us the Black Betty Stout and Albo Corn Ale were the winners. If you like Guinness you'll fall in love with the smoothness of the Black Betty Stout.

We were after something lighter so our favourite on the day was the Ale. It was light with just a touch of tartness. (I'm not much of a beer drinker so the Ale was the ideal start and introduction to Willie's.)  It was so good that we bought a bottle to take home.

Next day, more good weather and feeling a bit creative so I headed into the kitchen and pulled out the Rainforest Lime Shrub. VOILA, we made a Sydney Shandy (Ale & Rainforest Lime Shrub)! The perfect accompaniment for a lazy pre-spring afternoon.

250 ml         Albo Corn Ale (Willie the Boatman)
  15 ml         Rainforest Lime Shrub
  50 ml*        Sparkling Mineral Water OR Tonic Water

Pour ingredients into glass in order listed. Stir to mix.                            *(Optional. Add if you prefer a 'lighter' shandy.) 



Bring on summer! #CCShrub #beercocktails #currong_comestibles #RainforestLimeShrub #WillietheBoatman #Albocornale #shandy

PS - We have since read in a local paper that the Albo Corn Ale is named after our local MP, Anthony Albanese. (We're not sure why.)

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