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Goodbye Autumn – Hello 'X'?

Sydney has been enjoying dry, beautiful days and weather that doesn’t believe it’s Autumn.   Warm ‘no sweater’ days and cool, refreshing evenings make it hard to believe that winter arrives this Sunday. Our friends up north, at Ettalong Beach on the central coast, have also been enjoying this great weather and Peter Clarke of Bar TOTO has been busy creating  the 'X' Our  'X'  combines a Queensland artisan whiskey, Spanish sherry and our Riberry Shrub.  We think it gives this cocktail a nice ‘warm weather’ heritage. The perfect ‘sippable’ combination as you watch the sunset on a beautiful Autumn day.  (Which is very easy to do at Bar TOTO.) We’re looking forward to saying farewell to Autumn this weekend with a 'X' .  Care to join us?  


60 ml          Mt. Uncle BBC Single Malt Whiskey 20 ml          Currong Comestibles Riberry Shrub 15 ml          Pedro Ximenez Sherry 3 dashes    Angostura bitters
  1. Stir all ingredients with ice
  2. Garnish with a lemon twist

Sit back and enjoy.  


OOPS & HELP!  We need a name for this new cocktail. We thought it was a Juniper Fizz but Peter has advised that while he created and photographed this cocktail he hasn’t given it a name. 

Can you help us?   You’ll share bragging rights with Peter on our website, Facebook and Twitter!  Please send us your suggestions via
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