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Same, Same – but different!

🤫 Here’s a bit of early news! 

The Currong Comestible Chutneys are getting a ‘mini’ makeover! 

Our Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney is about to be revealed in a new and totally fabulous way.  We’re growing and getting a bit bigger!  Our next batch of Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney will be packaged in 210g jars (up from 180g).  That’s over 16% more product and flavour in every jar.  

Nothing else is changing.  The Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney will still have the same great taste, ingredients and recipe, just packaged a bit differently. 

Plus, our Chutney is even easier to enjoy thanks, to the new jar’s shape and it’s ‘wider & larger’ mouth.  (And Mucho Thanks to our customers for their product feedback.  We were listening when you told us that our narrow jars, though stylish, could sometimes make it hard to get to the Chutney at the bottom.)


210g CC Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney 

Will yours’s be the first Rainforest Lime & Mango Chutney sale in our new jar? 


(PS – Despite the new bigger size, we’re staying at the current price for the next few months.  We’ll let you know when it’s due to increase.)


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Rosie Miners
August 03, 2018

Rosie Miners

Are your products gluten free please?

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