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It’s Spring (officially YES, weatherwise NO)!

In honour of the season (let’s think positive) here’s our latest cocktail creation. Super easy to make with only four ingredients and a nice, light flavour that’s not too sweet or alcoholic, just thirst-quenching. Refreshing and even beautiful to look at, you’ll be enjoying the 3MS for the next six months and beyond!

We weren’t sure what to call it so in honour of its components  we named it (for now at least) the:


Moonshine, Midori, Winter Melon Tea

& Rainforest Lime Shrub



30ml   Crazy Uncle Moonshine (Whipper Snapper)

15ml   Midori

15ml   Rainforest Lime Shrub

45ml   (approx.) Winter Melon Tea (Yeo’s)



  1. Combine Moonshine, Midori and Rainforest Lime Shrub in cocktail shaker and shake to mix.
  2. Strain into glass with ice.
  3. Top with Winter Melon Tea and stir to mix.


Beyond politics we also like the fact that the 3MS flavours are multi-cultural.

  • Moonshine is traditionally an American spirit. Our Crazy Uncle is from the Whipper Snapper Distillery in WA with a unique and very personal history.
  • Midori is a melon flavoured Japanese liqueur with a disco heritage.
  • Our Rainforest Lime Shrub which is based on a historical American recipe is made from indigenous Australian fruits.
  • The mixer is Winter Melon Tea is a popular Asian beverage and ideal for Australian summers.

If only life could be more like our cocktails!





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